Our Services

A. Business Process Outsourcing

Manpower Supply & Outsourcing
We provide manpower Supply & Outsourcing service of non-core functional works for your organization. The service will raises the flexibility in the process of hiring, hikes the resume data bank and tears of a company's responsibility from compensations, visionary fund handling, bonuses, maternity benefits, professional taxes. The goal is to gain an effective and efficient business process, resulting obviously in an overall increase in the core competencies and profit of the company.

We serve our client with various positions such as Direct Sales, Exhibition Sales, Telesales, operator, office boy, receptionist, driver, helper, courier, SPG/SPB, secretary, admin, sales, programmer, engineer and etc.

B. Executives Search

We place quality at the forefront in conducting executive search for your company. We use the most proficient method supported with high-level connection, to assure your company's board filled with the most knowledgeable and ingenious executives.

C. Recruitment Services

We provide an exceptional recruitment services to find the most potential candidate to suit the specific position that your company is seeking. Through our comprehensive contacts, extensive networking and diligent research; we are able to effectively source the best candidates that suit your requirements.

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