Recruitment Services

Perfect Combination. Our team has the ability to approach any candidates in your industry and put them through a rigorous screening and interview process to identify their suitability and motivations.

  • Delivering candidate/s with a minimum of 80% qualification match from the given job specification and requirements given by the client and confirmed by J.O Executive.
  • Company’s culture and job assessment by J.O Executive Search to gain a comprehensive understanding in finding right candidate for the position searched (applies for client pays Admin Fee and or after 2 successful placements.
  • Ensuring candidate’s willingness to offered position before preceding to the next the process with the client.

Time Effective. We are committed to work at high speed to fill serious management and staff gaps.

  • 1 week delivery of candidate upon receiving date of enquiry from client.
  •  24 hours Flash feedback of searching status upon receiving detail enquiry from client.
  • 24 hours response regarding client’s query after engaging recruitment service with J.O Executive Search.
  •  3 days feedback regarding recruitment process at J.O’s client to candidate after date of interview by written email notification.