Teddy Surianto – President Commissioner
Served various gramedia the top of group .Teddy surianto also have important roles in property and infrastructure .He also served as director at the international and commissioner in medialand and president director in trans lingkar kita jaya

Edward Azizy – Commissioner
Before joining in as commissioner JO Executive Search, He served as money market and capital markets division head in Jamsostek .Besides Edward also having a license as a broker dealer representative, investment manager representatives and as underwriter representatives

Franz Dirgantoro – President Director
Franz is one of the founders JO Executive Search, he has all the experience the recruitment of widespread in the world .One of his success is apply a strategy company blue ocean in developing First local online recrutmen indonesia karir.com and that is one of the companies belonging to Malaysia namely recruitment jobstreet.com online .He led the field of it and kompas gramedia in group for 10 years

Herwanto - Director
More than 10 years of recruitment, especially executive search and recruitment search. Relating to the training and recruitment of special training and quality management, wide network of consumer goods ' s moving in, fast pharmaceutical, trading, banking, manufacturing, petrochemical and the oil and gas and mining.